Road Trippin‘

Next week I’m hitting the road again – to England. I will drive via Luxemburg, Belgium and France across the South of England to Cornwall, where I will spent a couple of weeks. After that, a trip to Wales via Oxford will follow. I’m super-excited and so looking forward to this time on the move, with friends, with good music and the odd beer. There is a feeling inside me that just feels right. Be off, get lost, arrive, come back.


„They say home is where the heart is
but my heart is wild and free.
So am I homeless
or just heartless?
Did I start this?
Did it start me?

[…] So many winding roads, so many miles to go.“
//„Home“, Passenger

The journey is the reward, but the destination also is. And the destination will be the start. I love being on the road, moving slowly and without haste, to be able to stop whenever the light is right, to watch and to take photos, to breathe and and to Be. Looking forward to the time ahead and time with myself and the encounter with other people. Hope to be able to snap some photos of them as well!


Kerstin Maier Photography - Road Trips


Live music on the way will be from Ray Cooper and Oysterband.