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kerstin maier photography love shoot in oxford - mimi & cal

Mimi & Cal & the streets of venerable Oxford.

They did long distance. Like really long distance, him being on Bermuda, her being in Canada. But then, they got married and came to Oxford to live and study there together. As simple as that. And I met them there, and was completely blown away by their natural power and strength they were eradiating. We enjoyed ourselves to the max… Read more →

Kerstin Maier Photography - Blog: Baden-Württemberg

Love your Heimat

I love returning home, almost more than going away. Traveling itself is also something I really enjoy. I have a strong feeling that my main reason for it is coming home to my “Heimat”, because it just feels so good. “Love your Heimat” has become a slogan of mine over the years. It immediately comes to mind when I leave… Read more →

Kerstin Maier Photography - Blog: Dartmoor

Rome is located in deepest Devon

The last couple of days made me think, and I wanted to share this. I made a trip to Dartmoor in Devon, meeting some friends who kindly offered to take me on a walking trip around the moor. It started off as it was supposed to, met my two walking buddies Martin and Steve right on time, and we left the… Read more →

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good lyrics * being on the road * the outdoors * great britain * profundity * solivagants * my dialect * family * helping people * learn a new thing each day * being different * light * sunrises * beer and gin * sleep * silence * football * special moments * music * walking * the simple life * foxes * reading * spontaneity * climbing trees * falling in love * smiles * camping * candles * sparkles in eyes * bare feet & woollen socks

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