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…a field. This is where you will find me when the sun sets. When I’m at home and the evening draws in, I often go outside, up the hill and watch the sun go down, which looks different every time. These last minutes of the day are so special.

I love sleeping and daydreaming. Despite being a late riser and a night person, I found out that I love sunrises, too, so I try to see one every now and then. I finally ended up loving being a bit different, I used to think of it as a problem for a long time, but I grew to embrace it and now I’m fully aware of it and just am. You can always catch me with a good book, I love reading outdoors, when I was a kid I used to sit in a tree and read. Whenever possible, I go out rambling, or get the engine of my VW Caddy started to go on a camping road trip. Which is great, but returning home is as well! Sometimes I suspect myself going on trips only to have this gorgeous feeling of returning to my home base (I actually wrote a blog post about this). Where my family is, where my dialect is, where my roots are. Being outdoors and camping is just the thing for me, I always liked being in the forest and getting dirty (ask my Mum). I love falling in love, with people and things and moments, I love smiles and sparkles in eyes.

What’s most important to me are the small things you can get so much from: a little beautiful flower at the side of the road, a smile from a stranger, a cloud in the sky, colours that are just perfect, some song lyrics that really get you, that old hill you see every day on your way to work, but it never looks the same.
I want people to be aware of these things, to gain strength from them, like I do. Every day has something to offer, whether it’s really small or a bit bigger, it will get you through with a wonderful feeling in your heart.
Together, we will spend a marvelous time, trying to see these simple things, finding love on the way, be free and untamed, and will combine this with a happy grounded feeling.

So, now you know a bit about me, and how we can create the images that are right for you. You want to know more? Well, let’s talk about you then!

I do love to travel.

Last place I travelled to was: Wales

Currently I am in: Germany

Next place I will travel to is: Mountains

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