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free & untamed but rooted & grounded

this is how it looks like

Some photos I took over the last couple of years. Hope you’ll enjoy taking a look around. It’s been a blast taking them and I am looking forward to taking yours!

Love story / couples

This way for lovebirds

Kerstin Maier Photography: untamed but rooted couple in love

All of us / family time / babies

Family pictures

Kerstin Maier Photography: Family and baby

Wedding bells

Have a look! These are the some of the awesoome girls and guys that got married with me by their side!

Kerstin Maier Photography: Weddings / Hochzeiten

Friends, celebration & portaits

Best friends, sisters & siblings, parties: good times on photos. Here, you can find some examples what ideas people had.

Kerstin Maier Photography: Days out

I also love to photograph music and artists, if you want to take a look, I build another little website to showcase these photos, they are over here.

Rowan Godel, playing guitar