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kerstin maier photography - exploring with marina & xander

Into the sunset.

We met to go outdoors, to see what we would find, and it was a great day out. We wanted to take pictures, of course, but I like the idea that this is kind of a casual thing that just happens. As always, it paid off exploring the area, because it always does when you put yourself out there. That’s… Read more →

kerstin maier photography an evening with love on the rocks - bianca & tobi

On the rocks.

Some time ago I spent a wonderful evening outdoors with Bianca and Tobi, really close to where we all live. Bianca, who is a photographer as well, and I had been wanting to take photos there forever, and I was really happy that we could finally make it happen. Read more →

kerstin maier photography daring love shoot in germany - sarah & robbie

Daring stuff.

I’ve been wanting to shoot at this location for a long time, and these two daring souls were up for it – perfect match. We set out through a forest and a beautiful path full of autumn leaves and the sun was shining and the mood was so good! When we reached the rocks and ridges I’d fallen in love… Read more →