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Kerstin Maier Photography - Blog: Baden-Württemberg

Love your Heimat

I love returning home, almost more than going away. Traveling itself is also something I really enjoy. I have a strong feeling that my main reason for it is coming home to my “Heimat”, because it just feels so good. “Love your Heimat” has become a slogan of mine over the years. It immediately comes to mind when I leave… Read more →

Kerstin Maier Photography - Blog: Dartmoor

Rome is located in deepest Devon

The last couple of days made me think, and I wanted to share this. I made a trip to Dartmoor in Devon, meeting some friends who kindly offered to take me on a walking trip around the moor. It started off as it was supposed to, met my two walking buddies Martin and Steve right on time, and we left the… Read more →

Kerstin Maier Photography: Blog: Road Trippin

Road Trippin‘

Next week I’m hitting the road again – to England. I will drive via Luxemburg, Belgium and France across the South of England to Cornwall, where I will spent a couple of weeks. After that, a trip to Wales via Oxford will follow. I’m super-excited and so looking forward to this time on the move, with friends, with good music… Read more →