Just the open road & and a hungry heart

  • kerstin maier photography - couple shoot in spain with selina + hannes Young love roaming old lanes in Spain. - Definitely one of the highlights of last summer: strolling through an old spanish town with Selina and Hannes. They were on holiday in the area, together with another couple, and I flew over to spend some time with them all and of course take their photos. Nothing better than relaxed holiday vibes!
  • kerstin maier photography - catching the lovely evening light - outdoor couple shoot with christl + michael An early evening outing at the Swabian Alb. - My area, my hood - the low moutain range called the Swabian Alb. I'm often there, exploring, and when I get the opportunity to show the area to other people, I'm really thrilled. Even more so, if I get the change to take their photos there.
  • kerstin maier photography - out and about - babybelly shoot - with sina + patrick Waiting for a baby girl. - This summer // We waited eagerly for Baby Malia to arrive // We went for a walk and enjoyed the warm summer afternoon, together with the dogs // Explored the area and found a real gem – a hidden lake surrounded by gnarly trees // Then the evening sun hit and everything was bathed in golden light.
  • kerstin maier photography - having fun at the wedding - with anja + thomas Happy May wedding. - There was so much laughter going on at the wedding of Anja and Thomas - great conditions for a good party and generally for a wonderful day.
  • kerstin maier photography - exploring with marina & xander Into the sunset. - We met to go outdoors, to see what we would find, and it was a great day out. We wanted to take pictures, of course, but I like the idea that this is kind of a casual thing that just happens. As always, it paid off exploring the area, because it always does when you put yourself out there. That’s…