An early evening outing at the Swabian Alb.

My area, my hood – the low moutain range called the Swabian Alb. I’m often there, exploring, and when I get the opportunity to show the area to other people, I’m really thrilled. Even more so, if I get the change to take their photos there. We had a wonderful time at one of my favourite spots and were able to create some beautiful memories for these two, soon to be three lovely people. I am going to shoot their wedding in the summer, really looking forward to seeing them again and to capture more memories for them.
Spring is round the corner, so get in touch if you’d like to have photos like these! I’m happy to come round to your area and will be excited to see your favourite places, too!


kerstin's geschichten - catching the lovely evening light - outdoor couple shoot with christl + michael