A trip to find my own words – Nadja Meli Workshop

Last week was packed, and I am still processing everything. Apart from two photoshoots I also took part in a workshop. THE workshop. Two years ago I heard about the Nadia Melis Workshop for the first time and had thought about taking part in it. The approach here was a completely different one as of any other workshop.


After I read a few reports of previous participants, I actually was swamped by the whole idea: it got way to deep for my taste, I was to surrender my innermost and furthermore analyse it? I dismissed the thought of taking part, only to carry it around with for many months to come. It was there all the time, and the moment came when I acknowledged that I must have been hooked. When the next opportunity arrived, I booked. And guess what, I never had any regrets. On the contrary, I was and am thinking how grateful I am to have listened to my guts.


It was in intense time, a wonderful group including very diverse and different people, allthewhile Nadia and her husband Eddy were just there as Nadia and Eddy – open, cordially and full of warmth towards us. Everybody was in fact, including Nadias lovely assistant, Kathrin. I felt safe and after a great dinner with good conversations I was looking forward to the upcoming two workshop days. Finally I had completely arrived, I had had a little bit of a mix-up in calendar that day, thinking the workshop was to start a day later. Around midday I had noticed the mistake and had been racing to the house it was held at – in time.


Our introduction round the next day stretched well into the afternoon – the longest one in a workshop so far – and after that Nadia told us what to expect of our time together and more. She had us reflect on us to prepare us for the evening, which turned into late night very quickly while we talked and tried to find our words and our inner voice. It was around 3 am in the morning when we finally went to bed, and I was amazed that I had really enjoyed the part I had dreaded the most – the journey to my inner self. And I was deeply impressed by the stories of the other people in our group.


The next day started out with a delicious breakfast prepared by Eddy and Kathrin, and everybody had some OneOnOne time with Nadia to reflect the things that had been revealed the evening before. This was a very crucial part of the workshop, my words became clearer. Soon after these conversations, we could try to realise all we had learned so far in a real photo shoot.


For this photo session, Sandra und Bastian joined us to be our “wedding couple” for the day. After the bride was styled, and she put on the marvelous dress by Victoria Rüsche, grabbed the beautiful flower bouquet and headed out to meet her groom, and we spent a great time in the vicinity of the house we were staying, called „Kitzlein“. It was a perfect day for a photoshoot, there was fog that slowly lifted, and we had wonderful light. I did the first shoot and started to photograph with Nadia being by my side. I would have thought it easier to actually execute what I had heard and learned, but I soon realised this was just the start of a long process. The process that would lead into finding myself and my words.
For me, to get more of my values, feelings and my essence into my photos, it means to take true, honest and straight pictures. The love for freedom inside of me is very mighty and overwhelming. I want to show it, but I also want to show this big part of me that relates to my vast love for my home and my home area (see blog post about “Heimat“). I’m super-excited about it all, and about where this will bring me. I have a feeling, this is the start of an exciting adventure!
This was a good start, and I had much more fun shooting than I ever had before.


We were filled with joy for the rest of the day which ended with another group session and with viewing everyone’s photos. In the evening we spent some quality time, talking, testing the sauna in the house, and watching a movie with singing animated figures 🙂 It was a great ending to some intense, interesting and wonderful days with wonderful people. Thanks to Nadja, Eddy, Kathrin, Annett, Charly, Mandy und Nicole! I don’t really how often I wrote the word “wonderful” in this blog post, but I kind of running out of words and expressions when I think back to this. Finding words isn’t easy!!


Here are some of my photos of the wedding couple photo shoot. Click on images to enlarge.