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I love people who are different and are concious about it. You love freedom and being different, and you are yourselves no matter what. I want to show you the beauty of seeing the little, simple and plain things, and the great joy and energy they can give.


I bring people outdoors to places they may have heard about and been to. But I'll show you the beauty of your home with a different view. Together, we'll find what lies within you and your love. I’ll show you how great it is when these two sides come together: nature and wilderness and freedom will meet your roots and values. I’ll capture the outcome, and all the while we will have a lot of fun!


Couples, families, kids, babies, friends, weddings, day in a life, trips, holidays, celebrations, the odd normal day, day out... YOU NAME IT. Just be yourself, have a good time, and together we will rock and create great memories!

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kerstin maier photography - wonderful country wedding - martina & christian

Country wedding // Martina & Christian

Although the weather wasn’t playing ball, the wedding of Martina & Christian was a wonderful one! It was a marvelous day, starting with me meeting Christian at the stables, where his horse was already there for him. The couple had decided to have their First Look on horseback! Afterwards, we took a wander around the beautiful village they call home,… Read more →

What I love?

good lyrics * being on the road * the outdoors * great britain * profundity * solivagants * my dialect * family * helping people * learn a new thing each day * being different * light * sunrises * beer and gin * sleep * silence * football * special moments * music * walking * the simple life * foxes * reading * spontaneity * climbing trees * falling in love * smiles * camping * candles * sparkles in eyes * bare feet & woollen socks

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