My Why

I love people who are different and are concious about it. You love freedom and being different, and you are yourselves no matter what. I want to show you the beauty of seeing the little, simple and plain things, and the great joy and energy they can give.


I bring people outdoors to places they may have heard about and been to. But I'll show you the beauty of your home with a different view. Together, we'll find what lies within you and your love. I’ll show you how great it is when these two sides come together: nature and wilderness and freedom will meet your roots and values. I’ll capture the outcome, and all the while we will have a lot of fun!


Couples, families, kids, babies, friends, weddings, day in a life, trips, holidays, celebrations, the odd normal day, day out... YOU NAME IT. Just be yourself, have a good time, and together we will rock and create great memories!

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What I love?

good lyrics * being on the road * the outdoors * great britain * profundity * solivagants * my dialect * family * helping people * learn a new thing each day * being different * light * sunrises * beer and gin * sleep * silence * football * special moments * music * walking * the simple life * foxes * reading * spontaneity * climbing trees * falling in love * smiles * camping * candles * sparkles in eyes * bare feet & woollen socks

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