Singer Sonwriter Ray "Chopper" Cooper holding guitar case: photo Kerstin Maier

ray cooper

Ray and I did various shootings: on a rock at dawn, at a lake, indoor portraits, and in Sweden, where he lives. Some of these photos were used for the booklet of his new album which will be out in April 2018.

Singer Songwriter Rowan Godel, photo: Kerstin Maier

rowan godel

Rowan and I met in Oxford and had a stroll around the park and the Botanic Garden, to take her portraits and some outdoor shots, and even did some in the beautiful greenhouses there. We even met a very friendly squirrel!

The Oysterband live on stage in Hamburg, photo: Kerstin Maier


I accompanied Oysterband for three shows during their autumn tour in Germany in 2016, did some backstage photography, soundcheck and live shots. The venues were in Berlin, Bochum and Hamburg.